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Are you looking for a fresh and exciting career change, or just to learn a new skill?

Brewlab, Darwin Brewery’s sister company, can help you on your way.

Founded in 1986, Brewlab has trained over 500 brewers with many going forward to start up their own commercial breweries in Britain and abroad. With a range of courses covering topics from taste training and start up to accredited diploma courses. Brewlab provides a full career path to becoming a professional brewer. Brewlab maintains links with many of its past students from around the world, many of whom provide our students with placements and advice. No one is better qualified to give support; after all, they are proof of what can be achieved with an industry recognised qualification from Brewlab.

Brewlab provides the yeast, quality systems and technical services, to ensure Darwin beers remain at the finest quality possible. Brews are checked for their character and consistency to ensure that you receive the highest quality beer over the bar and in bottles.

Working with partners in the brewing industry

On projects to develop unique beers

Brewlab assess ingredients and isolate specialist yeasts to create exciting new tastes or to resurrect historical brews. They were paramount in initiating the research to produce Flag Porter – the authentic recreation of a porter beer using samples obtained from an 19th Century shipwreck. Brewlab has also worked on the resurrection of the classic Victorian malt Chevallier, producing beers from one of the first commercial Chevallier malts and confirming their quality to be comparable to beers produced using modern malts. With Chevallier’s inherent disease resistance this will allow better opportunities to promote low or no pesticide barley.

For more information about courses or to discuss laboratory services please contact Brewlab on 0191 549 9450 or info@brewlab.co.uk