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Christmas 2016 at Darwin Brewery

It’s that time of year again: the woollies are out, the car needs de-icing twice daily and you’ve picked Brian in accounts for the office Secret Santa. That familiar feeling of dread overcomes you as you think, just like every year: ‘What the dickens do I buy Brian?’

Have no fear, Darwin Brewery is here, with festive gift packs aplenty! For just £10.00 you can bestow upon the ‘Brians’ of the World the gift of three mix and match Darwin Beers - cement yourself as king of office Secret Santa!

Choose from nine of our favourite beers to mix and match to your hearts’ content. The beers available in our Christmas packs are:

Expedition Pale Ale 3.8% 500ml

Evolution Bitter 4.0% 500ml

Beagle Blonde 4.1% 500ml

Tall Ship Lager 4.1% 500ml

Richmond Brown Ale 4.5% 500ml

Jaffa Jolt Ruby Ale 5.0% 500ml

Flag Porter 5.0% 330ml

Galapagos Stout 6.0% 500ml

Extinction Barley Wine 8.3% 500ml

In addition to our standard sized packs, we are offering Flag Porter 3x330ml gift packs for just £6.00. Or if Brian has been particularly good this year, we also have our 6 bottle gift packs available for £18.00. Plenty of choice on offer for Secret Santa, stocking fillers or even as a gift to yourself for being so generous.

Darwin Brewery wishes you a beery Christmas and a hoppy New Year!

For more information, or to place an order, don’t hesitate to give us a ring on 0191 549 9450 or email marianne@darwinbrewery.com.

NB: Darwin Brewery cannot accept card payments at this time, payment can be made via cheque, cash or BACS bank transfer. Delivery can be arranged and will incur a courier charge (mainland UK only).