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Experience a different kind of corporate day out;

The opportunity to brew your very own beer!

Brewlab is offering you and your colleagues the chance to experience a different kind of corporate day out; developing your communication, team work and – most importantly – beer appreciation!

Join Brewlab at The Darwin Brewery for the opportunity to brew your very own beer! Using our advanced brewing facilities each team (of three or four) will undertake individual and collaborative challenges whilst brewing beers on our River Wear site. The aim of the day will be to understand themselves, and their beers, better! With a final tasting session on your own premises at a later date, your group will even be able to evaluate their finished product with peers and colleagues.

Each team will produce 30 bottles of unique beer using a prescribed recipe or one designed with our expert guidance (to be discussed with a member of the Darwin team).

The Corporate Brew Team package covers: planning the project, formulating a recipe, conducting the brew, packaging the product and designing the labels of your own beer. We offer a tutored tasting to allow the beers to be compared and assessed and refreshments are available on site.

A member of our team will be in regular contact with you in the lead up to your Corporate Brew Team day to discuss the skills you want your teams to develop as well as to discuss beers and styles before your arrival. Any additions or amendments to the schedule can be discussed at this stage.

Brew day schedule:

  • Arrive and introduction with Health and Safety briefing.
  • Recipe discussion and formulation.
  • Production – Weigh out, Mashing and sparging, boiling and cooling of worts ready for fermentation.
  • Taste tutorial with example beers and style guidance.
  • Brewery tour of our working commercial plant.

Cost £900 plus vat for up to 15 persons. Contact info@brewlab.co.uk or 0191 549 9450 for more information or to book.


A new kind of staff event for a team of up to 15 colleages;

Established in 1997 Darwin Brewery has grown steadily to become one of the most respected micro-breweries in the north of England.

Darwin’s first beers were produced on a very small 18 gallon system based at Brewlab at the University of Sunderland. Three years later the brewery expanded to Crook, County Durham with the acquisition of the Hodge’s Brewery and brewed there until 2002 when two factors resulted in a move back to Sunderland.

Firstly continued growth and popularity of the beers meant space was a problem at the Crook plant with production stretched almost to capacity. Secondly, and perhaps even more important was that the recent closure of the Vaux brewery had left the city without a brewery for the first time in over one hundred years.


Craft brewers since 1986

Brewlab has trained commercial and craft brewers since 1986 and boasts an extensive experience of instruction in practical brewing. Our facilities are of high quality and can accommodate different scales of brewing from 20 to 400 litres with ancillary bottling and kegging systems.

Our sister company, Darwin Brewery, produces commercial beers on site and celebrates a wide range of awards for high quality beers; illustrating the requirements of producing beers for different market needs. Brewlab has dedicated teaching facilities which provide opportunity for high quality support along with on line distance learning and an extensive library of brewing resources.

Many of our students have started well known breweries in Britain and around the world demonstrating our success and expertise.

For more information about Brewlab and their services please visit our Brewlab page.