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Darwin to receive Gold at Sunderland CAMRA Octoberfest 2016!

Back in the dark distant past of January 2016, Darwin Brewery were delighted to hear that we had won Gold in the Barley Wines and Strong Old Ales category at the CAMRA Winter Beer Festival in Manchester. The winning beer was our 8.3% barley wine, Extinction Ale.

Unfortunately, due to timing issues and schedule clashes, no one from the brewery was able to make it down to receive the award at the festival; a kind Sunderland and South Tyneside CAMRA representative accepted on our behalf!

Fast forward to Thursday6 th October 2016 and schedules will synchronise on the opening night of the 8 th annual Sunderland and South Tyneside CAMRA Octoberfest – what a bit of luck! After nine months, head brewer Tori Thomson will finally accept the award personally and put it in pride of place on the mantelpiece – or bar in our case!

We would like to thank CAMRA for recognising Extinction in their awards; with special thanks to the representatives at Sunderland and South Tyneside CAMRA for their ongoing efforts to finally get the award to its rightful owners!

The Extinction Ale story can be found in the Historic Beers section of the website – we encourage you to have a look, it’s a good read!