Gift Pack, 3 x 500ml bottles

//Gift Pack, 3 x 500ml bottles

Gift Pack, 3 x 500ml bottles




A gift pack of three 500ml bottles of Darwin beer for £10,

Choose any combination from:

Beagle Blonde 4.1%

Evolution Bitter 4.0%

Expedition Pale Ale 3.8%

Galapagos Stout 6.0%

Jaffa Jolt, Ruby Ale 5.0%

Rolling Hitch IPA, 5.2%

Tall Ship Lager, 4.1%

Darkest of Dark Nights, Festive Stout, 5.0%

(Stocks permitting)

Let us know your selection in the order comments box. Available in plain box or Christmas box.


***If you have an SR, NE or DH postcode, add the code NECASE1 for orders under £20, or NECASE2 for orders over £20 at checkout for reduced / free delivery. Add code COLLECT if you want to collect from the brewery ******


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